Top 100 highest paid city of Independence employees

Independence Power & Light employees accounted for 71 of the city's highest 100 paid employees in 2018, based on gross pay.

The figure is based on an annual analysis of the Top 100 city salaries which has been done by IndyEnergy the past three years. The 2018 top salary distribution was similar to that in 2017 and 2016.

The highest paid city employee earned $232,727 - $127,105 in base salary and $105,622 in overtime and worked for IPL. The City Manager was the second highest paid employee earning $218,292.

Click to download this list

Click to download this list

Here’s a copy of the full list showing city department, job, base salary, overtime and gross. Individual names have been omitted.

Out of the top 20 highest paid employees, 15 worked for IPL based on gross salaries including overtime. Salaries for the 20 highest paid employees were in excess of $158,000.

Many IPL employees hold well-paid technical position, enjoy good labor contracts and been long-tenured city employees.

Some IPL positions provide significant opportunities to earn overtime, particularly those involved in transmission and distribution. In most cases, the IPL overtime is for working power outages in Independence and also in other communities for which the city is reimbursed.