Forum One – Jan. 11, 2014 

General Introduction on Electric Utility Issue

Indy Energy helped organize a community information session about energy options for the city of Independence at a Jan. 11, 2014 event hosted at the Mid-Continent Public Library.

The event received extensive coverage in the Examiner including the perspectives of the various panelists listed below.

These are the two presentations from that event which also included a panel discussion and a question and answer session.

The panelists included:

download dagget presentation

download dagget presentation

Karl Zobrist, energy attorney and former chair of the Missouri Public Service Commission

Leon Daggett, director of the Independence Power & Light

Roger Hershey, Indy Energy representative

download White presentation

download White presentation

Bruce VanCompernolle, Business Representative, IBEW Local 53

Andy Knott, Campaign Representative, Beyond Coal Missouri

The meeting received editorial coverage with a news story in The Examiner and an op-ed piece by Lynn Youngblood.

Her piece concludes: "This quandary is really two-fold – production and consumption. The conversation has surrounded production. It needs to include consumption and the need to educate people that an increase in electric power production decreases natural resources. The only way to reduce the need for increased production, no matter the source, is to slow consumption."