Community of Christ church shares letter on energy issues

Community of Christ church leaders sent a letter City Council members and church leaders supporting cleaner energy for the community and customers of Independence Power & Light. 

The Nov. 21 letter states:

"All of us have entrusted to be responsible stewards of God's sacred creation and bring about peace on and for the Earth - not just for our own generation, but for future generations."

The letter was signed by Stephen Veazey, president of the church and church counselors Becky Savage and K. Scott Murphy.

The Community of Christ has its international church headquarters in Independence and 21 congregations in Independence.

The letter asks the city council to "press forward" on four actions included in the city council's July 2014 resolution on energy issues.

The steps are:

  • Complete renewable energy feasibility studies
  • Implement projects to reach target renewable goals
  • Cease burning coal at Missouri City and Blue Valley power plants
  • Continue and expand energy efficiency programs

The energy resolution encourages the city to increase renewable energy from 5% of electrical generation to 10% by 2018 and 15% by 2021.