Booklet shares ideas for Independence on renewable energy and efficiencies

A new 16-page booklet shares ideas from other Midwest communities on ways to provide clean, renewable energy options, and opportunities to lower consumer energy consumption through efficiency programs.

Click Image to Download Booklet

Click Image to Download Booklet

The booklet was prepared by the Sierra Club and is a general survey of initiatives and programs by 13 other municipal or cooperative electrical entities.

The booklet was produced to support the ongoing conversation in the city of Independence regarding energy options.

The City Council, which governs the utility, passed a resolution in July committing to voluntarily goal of 10% of the electric energy provided by non carbon-based (i.e. coal and natural gas) by 2018 increasing to 15% by 2021. 

Independence Power & Light (IPL) – among the 100 largest municipal electric companies – provides electrical power to approximately 51,000 customers.