Kansas City Power & Light to invest in two wind farms

Kansas City Power and Light announced a major plan to  generate more power through wind and also programs to help customers reduce energy consumption.

The hope is the two developments - more wind energy and reducing demand - can help push off a rate increase for two to three years. 

The announcement received favorable comment in a Kansas City Star editorial and marked a major boost for wind generation with the construction of two new wind farms.

One plant is located in Coffey County, KS and the other in Holt County, MO (just north of St. Joseph, Mo.)Both plants are expected to be operational in 2016. Learn more.

Read the KCP&L media release. Learn about their sustainability plan.

The announcement also was covered in detail in an article in MegaWatt Daily - a leading industry trade publication.

The developments still requires approval of the Missouri Public Service Commission which regulates investor-owned utilities. 

Portions of Kansas and Missouri can produce wind. To see where wind power is being generated, click here.