Groups request public meeting on IPL master energy study

Indy Energy and three other groups - Renew Missouri, the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council - are requesting an opportunity for public comment and review of a major IPL master energy study which is nearing completion.

The major energy study will provide technical and economic evaluations for various energy scenarios so the municipal utility can "supply an affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly supply of capacity and energy for the next 20 years."

The master energy Study is being conducted by Burns and McDonnell at a cost of $325,000.

The most significant issue the master energy plan is expected to address is the future of the city-owned Blue Valley power plant.

The city-owned power plant has three steam-generating units which currently use natural gas. The generators date back to 1958 and 1965.

The Blue Valley power plant generated only 1.73% of all IPL energy in 2016. (See Table 2 from Request for Proposal for the master energy study).

The master energy plan will recommend a preferred energy portfolio, look at demand and energy efficiency and make recommendations on generating capacity and staffing levels.

The four groups submitted a letter making the request.