Background Information on Automatic Metering Initiative (AMI)

This page contains background information on the protracted consideration and decisions related to AMI. The top sections includes the documents provided for August 2018 City Council Study session. The bottom section contains a time line covering the three-year process. Read an overview of the project.

Vendor Presentations (August 2018)

Five vendors were invited to present their proposals at a City Council Study session. This section includes documents made available for the Aug. 13th meeting.

Five Vendor Presentations (Alphabetical Order)

Core & Main

AMI Time Line

Consideration of AMI has been a protracted, involved and expensive endeavor. Here's a general outline of key dates and developments

May 2015 - City Council adopts a resolution for a feasibility study

August 2015 - City Council approves West Monroe Partners to undertake the feasibility study ($100,000)

February 2016 - Monroe Partners presented the results to the City Council during a study session and recommend the project. Executive summary

October 2016 - City Council approves West Monroe Partners developing a "blue print" after the feasibility study showed "a net positive benefit" to the city. Blue print work costs $314,750.

March 2017 - City issues a Request for Proposals (RFP) for AMI

August 2017 - City completes an evaluation report on the proposals submitted. The report recommends Core & Main (HD Supply)

October 2017 - City Council considers resolutions to approve the project. The issue is tabled until April 2018 and staff asked to address issues related to health, fire safety, privacy and other matters. The vote to table is 5-2. Voting to table: FOR - Eileen Weir, Chris Whiting, Karen DeLuccie, John Perkins and Scott Roberson; AGAINST - Curt Dougherty and Tom Van Camp. Read Examiner article

January 2018 - City staff issues 11-page report on Health, Safety, Privacy and Other Concerns .... The report includes the work of the Independence Board of Health.

March 2018 - IPL staff prepared a detailed report on a 15-year comparison between the two lower bidders - Core & Main and Honeywell. Report reiterated earlier recommendation of Core & Main "based on the large cost difference in pricing" and several concerns about the Honeywell proposal.

April 16, 2018 - The Independence City Council votes 4-3 not to proceed with AMI project. Voting not to proceed: Weir, Dougherty, Van Camp and Perkins. Voting to proceed: Whiting, DeLuccie and Roberson. Following the vote the new city council was sworn in and Mike Huff replaced Whiting. Read Examiner story

August 2018 - City staff reviews new best and final offers from the five vendors previously interested and qualified. 

August 13, 2018 - Vendors make presentations during City Council study session.